Zephorium Products at Aspects Beauty Salon, Ipswich

This is a beautiful range of high quality pure aromatherapy preparations that have been created by Sarah Cox.

They are ethically produced in the UK and uses the highest quality aromatherapy oils sourced from ethical companies from around the world.

At Aspects we stock a whole range of Zephorium products, including: Chakra Aura Sprays, Body Lotions, Body Massage Oils, Face Serums, Aromatherapy Rollerballs and Candles.

We are trained to give you advice on the most suitable products. There are many ways to choose which Zephorium product is right for you, discover them below.

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Below are the products we stock from Zephorium range.

Zehorium Aura Sprays

Zephorium Body Lotions

Zephorium Body Lotions stocked at Aspects, Ipswich

Zephorium Body Massage Oils

Zephorium Body Massage Oils stocked at Aspects, Ipswich

  Zephorium Face Serums

Zephorium Face serums stocked at Aspects, Ipswich

Zephorium Aromatherapy Rollerballs

Zephorium Aromatherpay Rollerballs stocked at Aspects, Ipswich

Zephorium Candles

Zephorium Candles stocked at Aspects, Ipswich
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